Sisterhood Gift Set

A luxury well-being sleep set crafted with a  blend of carefully selected soothing and calming essential oils plus natural nourishing body oils to encourage a calm restful sleep.  This beautiful box consists of a pillow mist and bath/shower oil (30ml)  plus a special sisterhood note and a little surprise bonus item. Wake up refreshed and ready to face the day. Treat yourself, better still treat someone else and let them know they are thought off and cared for.
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Shower: For a refreshing shower and a feel good start to your day add a couple drops to a scentless shower gel and lather up. Locks in moisture whilst minimising and replenishing dry skin.
Bubble Bath: Gather plenty of bubbles, add some drops and gently massage your body allowing the skin to be hydrated whilst nourishing and replenishing stripped oils.


Essential Oils:
Chamomile: A popular choice for dealing with sleep issues because of its natural sedative and relaxing properties.
Lavender: An effective essential oil to help you fall asleep and stay asleep and helps induce relaxation.
Bergamot: a beautiful citrus oil with the ability to reduce anxiety and improve mood.
Geranium: Beautiful emotionally mood uplifting floral scent with a natural sedative effect which can help you to get to sleep.
Apricot Kernel oil, Jojoba oil, grape seed oil, olive oil
Other: perfumers alcohol

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How to maximise better sleep

Sleep is vital to our health and below are things you can do to help you get the 8hr recommend sleep time.

  • Take a nice hot refreshing shower.
  • Turn off the telly or brights lights, including phone.
  • Put in earplugs/eye cover.
  • It is important to wind mind activity down. Do a few body stretches and as you lie down, focus on deep breathing doing sets of 10 and dwelling on the rise and fall of your chest. If your mind wanders bring it back. When you feel relaxed pick one happy thought and dwell on that. Each time your mind wonders do the breathing exercise and focus on the one happy thought till you sleep.

shopnow-bathoilShop Bath/Shower Oil

Further tips for better sleep

  • Daily exercise and stretching to get the blood flowing
  • Make and stick to a sleep schedule.
  • Have a bedtime routine, allow at least 30 minutes for relaxation and transitioning from an active mind to a rested one. This time should be free from distractions like technology, chatting, bright lights etc. It should be calm and peaceful.
  • Get a good mattress that is good for you
  • Take a hot refreshing shower before bed.
  • Make peace and let go of any resentment you have. It’s only causing you havoc whilst the other person snores away.
  • Think of something positive to look forward to the next day.
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