Salts & Crumble Soak

Our soaks offer mini spa treatments from the comfort of your own home. They are carefully crafted with lots of natural ingredients which are vegan friendly and cruelty free. Quality spa sessions and resorts can prove to be extremely expensive – once in very long time treat. So We have decided to bring the spa home to you affordably and with luxurious style because every one of you matter.
We care about your body mind and spirit so we encourage any one using our products to make a positive declaration. Your words can change your life!

Today will be great

Many a time we forget to attend to our hands and feet which can result in dry, chapped skin and even cracked heels. However if you want to show them off its time to start taking care of them.If you are a nail technician this is a good treatment to add to your customers experience.banner-oat-milkout of stock

Oat milk soak

Hand and foot soak: This is a soothing oat milk blend infused with beneficial essentials oils, natural salts and herbs. Refreshes chapped, rough hands and feet leaving them feeling smoother. This makes an excellent pre manicure treatment for well nourished hands.

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Crumble soak

Hand and foot soak: This is a deep foaming pamper treatment infused with essentials oils, natural salts, softeners, coconut oil and herbs. Really helps soften hard skin and around the cuticle area for easy removal. If you have gardeners hands, roughness or just want to start taking care of those limbs this makes a good start. If you just want to get into a relaxed mood use with our <a href=”#”_blank”>scented wax melts to create atmosphere

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Bath Salts

An all time favourite. Crafted with thought. We have a blend of sea salts, epsom salts, himalayan slats and added magnesium flakes.


Our mini spa soaks only takes about 15-20 mins and are relaxing and energizing, giving your hands and feet the TLC they deserve. They are great for gifts and you can do a custom order.

  • Anti odour, cleanses & softens
  • Refreshes sweaty hands and feet
  • Dry itchy skin reliever
  • Softens, nourishes and pampering
  • Moisturises and hydrates
  • Detox oily skin
  • Softens cracked heels for easy rough skin removal
  • Chapped hands& heels reliever
  • Natural skin loving ingredients
  • Essential oils NOT fragrance oils

– Parabens
– Fragrance oil
– Artificial colours

These spa hand and foot soak are carefully crafted with skin loving ingredients specifically chosen to nourish and encourage healthy skin.

For increased intensity add marbles or small pebbles to the bath and run your feet over them. To enhance the experience use our scented wax melts or oils for mood setting.

**They are great for pamper parties, hen nights and home spa.