NourishBay natural spa relaxation, wellbeing and beauty care is inspired by nature for men and women. There are so many natural and organic things to benefit from, some you already have in your kitchen. We aim to empower you to make better choices, you just have to put a little more thought in what you do. So lets get started.  In today’s stress world  we need a way to balance wellbeing and combat stress. You might not afford to go to a fancy hotel spa but you can definitely have a luxury spa experience at home. There are plenty of gift ideas for friends and family. Customised gifts show effort has been put in and are always appreciated over generic ones.
Nurtured By Nature
Nature provides for our every need. It nourishes body, mind and spirit. After all isn’t that what it was born to do? Without us what’s it use? Who would research it’s healing properties for medicines and nourishment. Who would go googly eyed at its beauty. Our whole lives is based on it. We are part of it. We are it’s ‘raison d’être’!

A lot of us use skin and body care products daily. About 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed. Imagine if you daily apply products containing harmful chemicals and plenty of artificial ingredients. Some of these chemicals take even months to fully be eliminated from the body. Natural ingredients are much safer. Not all manmade additive is bad some can be helpful just read what’s on the label and do your research. Avoid ingredients that has undergone extensive processing which result in depletion of nutritional value. Look instead for ingredients that have minimal processing. The skin needs good food just as you eat healthily so should your skin. Lots of antioxidants and vitamins make a health glowing skin, slow down signs of aging and increase wellbeing. Simplicity is always best, a product with a long list of ingredients normally has very small amounts of each to do any good. NourishBay is all about using nature’s gift to uplift, relax as well as provide skin benefits. Our ingredients are simple and well sourced to give you the best.

As we get older the skin need more nourishment and taking care off. Using big expensive brands are not always best a lot of them have all sorts of chemicals to put claim to some ridiculous promise. Getting older is normal don’t fight it just age gracefully. Many creams and products can end up blocking pores and prevent skin from breathing. We put so much on at the same time layer upon layer. Just as how you shouldn’t overstuff yourself with eating it’s the same for your skin. Let it eat fresh, lots of hydration, sun cover and simple good cleansing. Nature has already provided all we need.
Love life love nature!