Pre Shave Oil

With pre shave oil you can get more lather and a closer shave. One way for men to minimise skin irritation and prevent bumps when shaving is to use pre shave oil. This helps soften hair stubble, make skin supple and pliable ready for shaving as well as reduce nicks and cuts. If you have sensitive skin this is a good step to add. A good choice of oil is one with natural ingredients and a thin consistency so as not to clog or hinder the razor. Before applying rinse face with warm water, apply a few drops and gently massage the oil on. You only need a little bit; you don’t want to break down the shaving lather. Leave on for 2 mins before lathering. It also helps to shave with the grain.

Here is a simple recipe to try out.
1/2 cup cold press olive oil
5 drops eucalyptus essential oil
5 drops sandalwood essential oil
Combine in a bottle and shake well.