Cacao Butter

Cacao butter is extracted from the cacao bean growing from the tree Theobroma Cacao. It is native to Central and South America. In the culinary world it is well known as the source of chocolate making and in the beauty world it is well known for its nourishing properties. Its rich chocolatey aroma is just brilliant and pleasing to the senses easing stress.  Its emollient properties make it very hydrating and used in many beauty products such as lotions, balms and creams.

Cacao butter is high in antioxidant -a rich source of polyphenol and flavonoid.  It makes a really good moisturiser and its saturated fats are good for treating dry cracked skin, chapped lips, rough hands and heels. It acts as a barrier against the hash elements especially in the winter and helps damaged skin repair. It has been used to help with skin irritation from rashes, eczema and other skin conditions

Cacao butter is mild and its polyphenols compounds sooth sensitive skin.   This is particularly good for freshly shaven skin as it soothes and eases razor burns.

Its rich compounds help ease off fine lines, improve skin elasticity and skin tone, and help prevent stretch marks, as well as reduced inflammation.  Its high antioxidant levels including oleic acid, palmitic acid, and stearic acid promotes hair quality and skin health. It helps fight free radicals, and gives deep hydration form its fatty acids.