When dreams come true

I have a dream – Martin Luther King

It all starts with a dream.
Walt Disney had a dream. He was told he lacked imagination and any good ideas. He got fired from his job. He didn’t give up on his dreams. Today he is known as the guy who redefined the american childhood and ours.

Oprah had a dream. She was publicly fired from her job but she didn’t give up and wallow in self pity. She focused on her dream. Today she is the queen of television worth over three billion dollars.

Brian Houston had a dream.
His church Hillsong started in a small room with a handful of people far away in Australia. Three decades earlier he wrote down his vision ‘The church I see’. Today Hillsong is everything he dreamed and much more. It has become a worldwide phenomenon that transforms the lives of thousands of people globally each week.

Obama had a dream
People thought it was impossible for an african american to become a United States president but one such man had a dream, a vision and a purpose. Obama became the first african american president of the US running two terms. He beat the odds.

Do you dream?
I believe every one of us has, from little girls being the Cinderella bride and boys being the super hero. Over the years life takes its toll and we forget our dreams. They become a faded fantasy in the clouds that can not be reached at least not for us. We have tried so many times and failed finally we give up and settle into regular life and watch others try to reach the stars via Google Box from the sofa.

The concept
We fail to grasp one concept. Each failure didn’t take us further away from our dreams but closer. It’s like a hall of mirrors with several doors only one is real. If you keep eliminating the false doors eventually you will get to the one that opens to this whole new world. The one that has the staircase to the unreachable clouds.

Stay calm and carry on
Wearily you try another door, this time it budges, you push harder, it opens, excitement fills your heart and soul. You race up the stairs, overcoming obstacles on the way. Breathlessly you get to the top, you gaze around in wonder as you realise you are standing on the unreachable clouds. You feel it. You smell it. Gingerly you peer over the edge and gaze down, it all seems so small and far away, the failure, the defeats, the self condemnations, the nay sayers, the pity parties and the self defeat demons. You realise how tiny they are. When you are this far up the giants become midgets.

Your giants are only giants when you are below them. -Georgette

Pull yourself up, get level, fight, conquer and keep eliminating those doors.
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