Birthday gift box

Zodiac Birthday Gift Box Set, Happy Birthday Gift for Him & Her, Birthstone gift, Best Friend Gift, Christmas gift « view »

Bath oils

Experience a relaxing aromatherapy bath that will leave your skin soft and nourished. Our bathbombs & scrubs are carefully crafted to bring you a beautiful experience. Bedtime just got super interesting. After a relaxing papmering bath it is time to dream big and live an inspired life. Make time for you! UK Shipping here only.... « view »

Bath oils

Our luxurious blend of bath and spa products promotes body nourishment and a relaxing and calming effect. Great after a tiring day to feel rejuvenated and have a good night’s sleep or just destress and feel warm in cold weather. « view »

Scented wax melts

Our candle wax melts are made with natural wax. Relax and bring a beautiful vibe in your home with the rich fragrance from across our different ranges. « view »

Pot pourri wax melts

Fill your home with gorgeous fragrances. These wax melts make a great home decoration and air freshener. « view »

Need to know

What are essential oils? Essential oils are natural compounds extracted from plants at a high concentration. They are extracted via two main methods: steam distillation or cold pressing. It is beautifully scented and widely used in aromatherapy and should be diluted properly. Method of use include nasal inhalation or rubbed on the skin. Inhaling stimulates... « view »

Sisterhood Gift Set

A luxury travel size sleep pillow mist with matching shower/bath oil (30ml) , blended with carefully selected soothing and calming essential oils. « view »


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Salts & Crumble Soak

Cleansing and softening hand and foot soak spa tablets for beautiful pampered hands and feet. « view »

Solid Lotion Bars

These hand lotion bars are carefully crafted with skin loving ingredients specifically chosen to nourish and encourage healthy skin. « view »

Latest Reviews

As soon as the crumble soak hits the water it immediately froths up and turns the water silky soft. Both of these soaks were a dream to use, but I love the froth that you get with this one. « view »