Shocking truths about soy wax candles

Are you a firm believer that soy wax candles are cleaner, safer and everything else is inferior or controversial? 7 truths about soy wax candles you may not know! Think about articles you may have come across which insinuate how toxic and terrible paraffin wax is because it is a by-product of the crude oil... « view »

Are candles harmful to your breathing and health?

The main concern around candles is if they are toxic to breathe. We take a look at the myths, the whats so, wax, wicks and fragrances in candles as well as frequently asked questions. « view »

9 Best candle fragrances for summer

Candles are fashionable and just as seasonal as your wardrobe. As summer approaches and it’s getting lighter and warmer there’s no better time to fill your home with the alluring fragrance and soft glow of scented candles. Each year there are lovely ranges of summer scents to choose from with some classic scents remaining firm... « view »

How do you remove candle wax from carpet

Ever spilled candle wax all over your carpet and wondering how on earth to get it off. It seems stuck fast and the more you try to rub it out the more you rub it in. Definitely DO NOT take a knife to it. So first you need to liquify it again with heat. Get a... « view »

Sodium levels in sea salt vs table salt

SODI(D YOU KNOW!)UM?! If you are one of the millions of people (like me!) who have always believed that Sea Salt contains much less sodium than Table Salt, and therefore it is a much healthier option…. then continue reading and get ready to be amazed! Sodium levels in Sea Salt and Table Salt The general... « view »

Fried plantains with chilli pepper salt

Fried plantains are so tasty and easy to make. Plantains are part of the banana family, but they are bigger, starchier and lower in sugar. They are native to India, Caribbean and Africa. They can be baked, boiled, roasted or fried up.  They can be cooked in various stages from green skin raw to yellow ripe. This side dish... « view »

Sea Salt vs Table Salt

If you are also one of so many people who are wondering what all this fuss is about whether you should be using Sea Salt or Table Salt, then do yourself a favour and just keep on reading! « view »


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Why do we need sleep

Getting enough quality sleep at the right times can help protect your physical health, mental health, quality of life, and safety. The way you feel during the time that you are awake depends a lot on what will happen while you are sleeping. « view »