Scented wax melts

Our candle wax melts are made with natural wax. Relax and bring a beautiful vibe in your home with the rich fragrance from across our different ranges. « view »

Personalised coasters

Beautifully marbled candle coasters in different colours. Have your own text on it or have it plain. « view »

Concentrate scoopable wax melt

Similar to wax melt in a softer form and holds more fragrance. Our concentrated blends have been formulated to hold more than 10%. « view »

Wedding favours & mini candles

Enjoy these mini candles for yourself or use them as wedding favours. They can be personalised for any event. « view »

Pot pourri wax melts

Fill your home with gorgeous fragrances. These wax melts make a great home decoration and air freshener. « view »

Wax tablet sachets

Wax tablets are great air fresheners. Hang around your home, on your bed, car or melt in a wax burner. « view »

Sisterhood Gift Set

A luxury travel size sleep pillow mist with matching shower/bath oil (30ml) , blended with carefully selected soothing and calming essential oils. « view »


« view »

The story behind Sisterhood

Sisterhood is very special to my heart. I am a firm believer that women are to be cherished and loved. Be encouraged as you read this. « view »

Solid Lotion Bars

These hand lotion bars are carefully crafted with skin loving ingredients specifically chosen to nourish and encourage healthy skin. « view »