Brand Reps and Stockists

Hi there,
Great you are checking out becoming a brand ambassador/stockist with NourishBay. It’s really simple.
First of all, let’s be clear this is NOT MLM Network Marketing. It’s for individuals with a love for candles, wax melts, home décor and styling & who are good with a camera. Ideally, you are active on social media. Beginners are welcome.

All of our product ranges are unique, handcrafted in the UK and vegan-friendly. We make candles, wax melts, home fragrances and self pamper products. If you are into home decor and fragrances, a spa or beauty salon owner looking to go vegan-friendly, eco, artisan and open up a new market/avenue for yourself by offering your existing clients the very best, our product ranges are ideal. You could even open up your business to other clients who otherwise would not have been able to have certain products or buy these types of product from you. New clients that you could access include Vegans, handmade lovers, people searching for unusual things and those who are trying to live more sustainably. As you are already attracting like minded individuals, you would open up another area that your customers would be interested in.

All of our products are a good fit for Health Spas, Gyms, Personal Trainers, lifestyle & boutique, relaxation & pamper stores to name but a few. It doesn’t matter what you do, if your clientele would benefit from relaxation and self pamper you would like to become a stockist/rep please get in touch.

How it works. There are two options.

Option 1
Brand reps if accepted will receive a 10% DiscountCode unique to you. Your friends, family or people you share your posts with can use it to purchase from our store. For yourself, you will receive a 30% discount on the items you use for repping. This code is only for you and items bought with this code must be used for repping. You will be reviewed monthly to determine if your code should be renewed. The code will be active as long as you are approved. It will be terminated if you chose to exit repping for us.

Option 2 – Starter box
If you would like to physically stock our products or just try them out you can purchase a discounted starter box to see how you get on. Your starter box is customised to your needs. We will help you decide what suits you best.

What’s Involved As A Brand Rep

  • Having a public and very active social media account on one of these platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Pintrest, twitter
  • Genuine support and enthusiasm for the products and brand as evident in the photo and comments posted on social media.
  • Become and stay informed about the history and goals of the brand.
  • Post and tag at least 4 unique images of the product per month – no stock images. Images should be beautifully styles for home decor, bright using #nourishbay, @nourishbay.
  • Promote and share any and all announcements such as promotions, giveaways, contests, launches and events.
  • NourishBay reserves the right to request and use any and all photographs without permission each time on their marketing materials social media accounts and website.

Need to know

  • We will not tie you into contracts, we just ask that you rep for a 2months period. However, you can leave before if you choose to. Just let us know.
  • If it is your first order and you do not want to commit to a larger order, you are able to purchase a trial of the products of your choice, at wholesale price. Just tell us.
  • We provide key selling points on the products so you can answer your customer’s questions and represent the product correctly.
  • Shipping within the UK is a standard and tracked.
  • We will provide some promotional graphics to help you with your sales.
  • We work with you. Give yourself time to get your fans interested. Try consistently posting for at least three months to generate good interest.

Get in touch.

We would like to know more about you. It helps us decide whether you are the right fit for us so give as much information as possible. We will let you know if you are accepted. Check the box to receive the latest updates and what’s going on so you get acquainted with who we are.