How to start your morning feeling great

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I confess I had a pamper session on a week day work morning!!!!

IT MADE ME FEEL GREAT & I did not spend an extra minute than normal!
These are one of my favourite candles to use. Normally you enjoy your candle when you come home or at the weekend. During the week It can get so busy you don’t have time to indulge. Well I discovered I can have a pamper session in the Morning!!! BEFORE going to work, thanks to these mini babies and it DOESN’T add to my morning time at all. So here is how.

Morning routine

When I wake up, I fire up one of these babies in the bathroom and go do other stuff. 15mins later when I get back ready to shower, the bathroom room is filled with Belgian chocolate and I can almost taste it. What better way to start a week day morning loaded up with chocolate that doesn’t sit on the hips.
I can feel my mood lifting, a little smile tugging at the corner of my lips. I get into the hot shower as usual. This time it’s different. It’s the same time I spend but my mind is else where from the hustle and bustle of what the day might hold.
This morning as the fragrance of rich hot belgian chocolate tickles my nose I find my self in a Belgian cafe sitting outside and the hot water transforms into the sun touching my shoulders. The steam becomes the one rising from my hot chocolate cup in front of me.
By the time am done I am in a different space. As I gracefully board the train all mellow while others are rushing around in the usual madness I look down my nose at them because after all I have just come from Belgium.
What a way to start my day.
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These mini candles are specifically designed to work quickly in a small enclosed space.


  • Decide which you want to use and leave it in the bathroom ready to fire in the morning.
  • Know what the next day is going to be like. You might have a morning meeting and you might need some pinna colada or a mohito morning to fortify your self for it. 🙂
  • Fire up you candle 15mins before stepping into the shower, It sets the stage
    -Dream big. In that space anything is possible