How To Grow Afro Hair

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Going from permed hair back to my natural afro hair, I have had to learn how to take care of my hair so that it is healthy and grows. From this journey, I learnt what works and what doesn’t work. I will share with you my learnings on how to grow afro hair.

Avoid Dry Hair Like The Plague, Keep Hair Moisturised
A very common problem is afro hair drying out. This causes all kind of symptoms such as hair breakage, tangled hair dull looking hair and unruly hair. It is important to keep your hair moisturised, this simply means hydrating your hair with water and locking the moisture with a natural oil or butter. If you keep your hair moisturised, you will notice a massive difference to your natural hair! You can expect the following
Longer Hair as moisturised hair is stronger than dry hair, your hair will stop breaking which means that you can enjoy length retention.
More Manageable Hair. Moisturised hair doesn’t tangle as easily as dry hair,  therefore easier and less painful to detangle your hair. This makes it much easier to style.
Improved Appearance in Hair. You can say goodbye to dull looking dry hair when your hair is moisturised as it will have a natural sheen to it. You will also have noticed that hair styles look much nicer with moisturised hair.
Happy Hair is Tangle-Free Hair
This learning surprised me as I originally didn’t think that having dangled/knotty hair could prevent my hair from growing. I noticed that when I prevented knotty hair I started to see a favourable difference on my hair. My breakage reduced and it was much easier and less painful to style my hair. Note: I used to have thick natural hair that was extremely knotty and it used to hurt me when I combed it. I am happy to say that this is a thing of the past. Here are my tips for detangling your hair

Detangle hair only when your hair is either wet or heavily moisturised. This makes it much easier to detangle and quicker.
Detangle your hair in small sections. Start the detangling process from the tip of your hair before working your way to the roots. This will reduce hair breakage and is much less painful.
Use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to detangle your hair. Always detangle your hair in sections. Once you have detangled a section of your hair, braid it before moving onto the next section.
Hair Styling Can Impact Your Hair Growth
Once you have mastered the two points above you will notice a favourable difference to your afro hair. But these efforts can be diminished by your hair style. It is important to know the impact a hairstyle can have on your now moisturised tangle-free hair. For example, a hairstyle can cause hair breakage, knotty hair and dry hair, whilst other hairstyles can keep your hair moisturised and tangle-free. So there are some hairstyles you must avoid or keep to a minimum and there are some styles that you should be doing regularly that will help with hair growth journey. Hair styles to avoid are any styles that pull on your hair strands like very tight heavy extensions. There are some stylish hairstyles that should be worn occasionally but not regularly. For example, leaving your hair out into an afro. This style will cause your hair to dry-out very quickly and causes tangled hair. Hair styles to wear regularly are styles are low manipulative or protective hair styles.

I am confident that following these three steps will aid you are on you journey for growing your afro hair. Shetai Hair Care