How do you remove candle wax from carpet

Ever spilled candle wax all over your carpet and wondering how on earth to get it off. It seems stuck fast and the more you try to rub it out the more you rub it in. Definitely DO NOT take a knife to it.

So first you need to liquify it again with heat.
Get a piece of brown candle-wax-out-of-carpetpaper or good quality paper kitchen towel. Place it on top of the wax stain and turn on your iron to a high setting. Iron the wax stain through the brown paper. Lean into the iron a bit turning in small circles to really get to the wax that has sunk through. Change the brown paper for a fresh one so it can continue to absorb. Do this until the paper comes up clean.

Next, get a sponge with really warm soapy water and scrub the area. You should not saturate it. Squeeze the sponge a bit to lessen the water, it’s the soap froth you really want. The warm soap will break down any remaining wax. Apply the brown paper or kitchen towel again and repeat the process for a few minutes.

If it’s still damp it’s ok you can air dry it.

How to remove melted candle wax from wooden flooring without leaving an oily residue?

You have to be careful on this one. Again it involves hot water but checks the type of flooring first. Don’t go pouring boiling hot water on the wood, if its laminate or has some sort of overlay it can damage it. So use hot not boiling water and washing up liquid and a sponge. Allow the sponge to soak up the hot water and squeeze it over the candle spots. The water should be hot enough to melt it and as it cools it won’t really harden as the soap breaks it up. Wipe it and if yu need to repeat the process do so until it is squeaky clean.