9 Best candle fragrances for summer

Candles are fashionable and just as seasonal as your wardrobe. As summer approaches and it’s getting lighter and warmer there’s no better time to fill your home with the alluring fragrance and soft glow of scented candles. Each year there are lovely ranges of summer scents to choose from with some classic scents remaining firm favorites.

You can easily transform your interiors this summer by creating a lovely outdoor appearance with potted plants and lace curtains to allow light to pour in. Adding neutral textures and colours with soft candlelight is key to creating a relaxing and de-stressing environment.

This time of year can truly boost your mood and wellbeing, from the most longed for sunshine warming our bones to the outdoor BBQ, blooming flowers and holiday plans. How gorgeous would it be to have your home capture this essence too. You can transform your home to take you on a journey, evoking beautiful memories and creating a serene sanctuary.
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The bedroom and lounge is where you spend most of your home time. It is important to make these places relaxing to encourage good mental health. Lovely soft floral fragrances mimicking an indoor garden can bring a pleasant atmosphere where you can be happy or ocean scents to ease the heat of summer and invoke coolness.

Your kitchen and bathroom should be no exception when scenting your home. Depending on the mood you are creating candles can invoke a sense of wake up at breakfast if you choose a coffee aroma or create a sophisticated ambience at a dinner party.

Candles in the kitchen are great to mask cooking smells. It also helps to keep the room feeling fresh and inviting. In the summer choose lovely light fresh scents than heavy spiced sents which are more fitting for the colder months.

Scented candles are by far one of the most popular home accessories making them the perfect gift. Below we’ve put together some inspiring summer scents inspired by summer activities for you to try out.

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