Ashford flowers

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🌿 I started my flower farm during the lock down. Being home I turned to gardening like so many others to keep my mental health, only mine developed into a bit of an obsession when I discovered dahlias. Their beauty just stunned me and the dinner plate sizes were just so incredible I decided to grow them this year.

🌿 I also fell in love with the David Austin Roses and shamelessly splashed out on them. Soon I was learning about and researching flowers and just loving the different varieties and growing techniques out there. I have always been a creative person and have done floral table settings for weddings and events in the past. This just awakened my love for creativity and natural beauty. I bought so much and I am growing many different flowers, my back yard garden has become a mini flower farm and I love it.

🌿 I plan to do dried flowers as well – they last way much longer and it is nice for special occasions to have something lasting. So my flower farm is all locally grown right here in Ashford. It is early spring so I only have seedlings at the moment, come June the flowers will start blooming and I will be offering bouquets, cut flowers and some plants.

🌿 Meanwhile you can register your interest here and each week I will let you know what’s blooming in the garden and you can have first fresh picks or just enjoy the bloom pictures.

🌿 In addition I am growing the ever popular baby breath so let me know if need some for weddings or you are a local florist looking for local supplies.

🌿 I hope my blooms can put a smile on some one’s face.

🌿 You can email me or visit my website to contact me.

Click here to get notified what’s growing and when I am giving away free stuff