Inspired by Nature.
A woman of true beauty and virtue, I look around daily, not once has she failed. Through all seasons her skilled hands crafts each creation with such intricate detail and care. Mankind can only stand in awe of such beauty and grace. A rose blossoms opening a bouquet of delicate petals, it gently rocks in the wind offering its sweet smelling essence and goodness. An orange offers its succulent flesh packed with enriching vitamins, berries wantonly surrender antioxidants and herbs a cleansing freshness and fragrance. The earth and the waters surrender healing minerals. Yet for some inexplicable reason mankind creates hash and harmful chemicals in the name of tainted beauty what a travesty against our bodies.

We are greatly inspired by nature hence Nourish Bay Skincare was born in August 2016. It is honouring nature through gentle and simple skin care from natural sources. Nourish Bay seeks to source the best quality ingredients we can find. Once our shop is up we plan on donating some proceeds to charity.
We hope to encourage people to appreciate nature more and benefit from it.

Give nature a go!