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Plant Gifts

Lovely plant gifts for friends & family, grow your own plant kits. Plants, pots and unusual ideas for the home and garden. « view »

Sleep Pillow Mist

Our luxurious essential oils blend of sleep mist / room spray promotes a relaxing and calming effect. Great after a tiring day to feel relaxed and have a good night’s sleep. « view »

Birthday gift box

Zodiac Birthday Gift Box Set, Happy Birthday Gift for Him & Her, Birthstone gift, Best Friend Gift, Christmas gift « view »

Bath oils

Our luxurious blend of bath and spa products promotes body nourishment and a relaxing and calming effect. Great after a tiring day to feel rejuvenated and have a good night’s sleep or just destress and feel warm in cold weather. « view »

Home Fragrances

Our home fragrances are skillfully blended to bring you a beautiful experience with scents proven to make you feel good. « view »

Sisterhood Gift Set

A luxury travel size sleep pillow mist with matching shower/bath oil (30ml) , blended with carefully selected soothing and calming essential oils. « view »

The story behind Sisterhood

Sisterhood is very special to my heart. I am a firm believer that women are to be cherished and loved. Be encouraged as you read this. « view »

Latest Reviews

As soon as the crumble soak hits the water it immediately froths up and turns the water silky soft. Both of these soaks were a dream to use, but I love the froth that you get with this one. « view »