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I love finding something new in my surroundings, be it in the city I live or a new destination. As a kid, I longed to have some of the adventures I read about in the Famous Five or The Secret Seven by Enid Blyton. Being a bookworm opened my eyes to the world being my adventure playground and thus  my motto now is:

Find the adventure in your everyday life, your everyday world!’

And from that my blog The Five to Nine Traveller was born where I could share my experiences with others in a relatable and engaging way.
I wanted to make travel and adventure my side hustle, my relief from my job. Your 9 to 5 job can sometimes wear you down and for me working as a hospital pharmacist dealing with sick patients daily was sometimes emotionally and mentally exhausting. My career as a pharmacist is a world away from adventurous spirit!
Adventure to me is not always hopping on a plane to a far away land; it may be done right on your doorstep. Admiring my everyday world and documenting it, is my creative outlet to my scientific background. In my explorations I love spontaneity of life as I get to notice the little intricacies of a place, from the nature around me (I once spent 20 minutes once watching two emerald green beetles battling it out over territory), to admiring a detailed repeating pattern in an historical building that I then bring to someone’s attention.

Iguazu Falls
Iguazu Falls

What is your best place and why?
Don’t make me choose! A lot of places I have travelled have been beautiful and memorable for different reasons. For now to give an answer I will talk of my epic trip to Brazil. This land is beautiful both in nature and the spirit of the people. My adventure here was just so diverse – full of hiking, chilling on beaches, seeing waterfalls and monkeys, talking with the locals, dancing forro, seeing the wonders of Christ the Redeemer and the Iguazu Falls and witnessing world records being broken at the Olympics all rolled into one visit! As I said when I left ‘God made Brazil extra special when creating the earth.’ It is a country so full of life, laughter and music and COLOUR! Salvador was a particular treat as everyday there was music and dancing on the streets.

What is your worst place and why?
I know it sounds cliché but I don’t technically have a ‘worst’ place but rather I went in with low expectations and was pleasantly surprised. I had a lot of preconceptions about Ibiza some of them true. It is often viewed as a party and raving destination which is not my kind of holiday but look beyond what you don’t like. Ibiza gave me one of the most glorious sunsets I have witnessed down on San Antonio’s Sunset Strip and I got to tour round its gorgeous caves spotting jellyfish.

moisturising oat milk hand wash

Making Friends on my Adventures
So I met the founder of Nourish Bay on one of my adventures and what a beautiful soul she is! Being someone with hands that is constantly not shown much love due to the copious amounts of alcohol gelling at the hospital and hiking up mountains and getting my hands dirty on my adventures, I was thrilled to be asked to sample the Lavender Oat Milk hand bath and the solid moisturing hand lotion bar. I love lavender; it is one of my favourite smells but to some I know it can be a little overpowering. Not so with this product, it leaves a very subtle hint and softened my hands beautifully. I suspect I may even use this on my poor feet after my next hike. Thank you Nourish Bay!

“I am glad you enjoyed the hand bath and lotion. Guys it only takes 15 mins 2-3 times a week to get rid of rough hands also check out Tayo’s  instagram feed: @the5to9traveller – from Nourishbay”

Me, My ‘Fro and I
I have had my God-given ‘Fro since birth and never took the plunge to ‘loosen’ my curls with any chemicals (despite some wobbly moments). My mum always said it had to be my decision to relax my hair and when it came down to it, because I knew nothing else, I clung to my ‘Fro like a familiar blanket. This year has been full of many UK adventure on my 5 to 9 travels and I have sported my Fro on many of these daytrips. I usually alternate between protective styles of braids/twists/crochet and just let my Fro do its thing in between. My hair is an extension of my creative adventurous outlet, with me being highly experimental to different colours, lengths and cuts. I am certainly not a ‘Fro master by any means and this year I have sacrificed length to save my edges by laying off the pulling of protective styles. But like the adventure girl I am, I’m itching to try something new!
Thanks for checking out my thoughts on adventure and please check out and follow along at www.thefivetoninetraveller.com

Hair Cream
Hair Cream

Coming up how to nurture a fro by Shetai Hair Care.